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Do you need to sell your private house but you are worried about all the processes and difficulties involved in selling a house? We save you all the stress that comes with selling your house, by buying the house from you – for cash –  and selling it at our own pace.

Have you just lost your job and you need some cash to move on?

Are you in need of cash in exchange for your house?

Have you been unable to maintain your house due to illness or injury and, therefore, need to move to a smaller space?

Do you have negative equity or have you been unable to keep up with your mortgage and you need to settle the unrelenting bank that has been on to you?

Were you given a property as an inheritance and you need to sell it off without going through any stress?

Does any of your family members or even you need to move to a retirement accommodation and you need money for the bond?

Cash4House is the solution if any of these questions has been lingering on your mind for a while.

It’s fast and easy!

The transaction with Cash4House is easy and smooth because there is no waiting time, you are not required to pay the usual commission collected by real estate agents and your financial issue is resolved immediately.


“Sometimes, we need to let go of our house to overcome the financial challenges we are facing”

Selling off a house comes with a lot of challenges and can take a very long time to pull off. The advertising, open inspections and paperwork attached to selling a house can take weeks or even months. You would likely end up with less money than you expect because of the financial and settlement clauses you would need to handle after selling off your house.

Apart from all these, you will need some money to get the house in the perfect condition before putting it on sale and you will also need to pay for the real estate agents’ fee.

All these challenges can be overcome by contacting Cash4House. We would handle all the processes and you will get paid for your house almost immediately.
Sell your house

Move on now!

You wouldn’t need to get tied down because of your inability to get a buyer for your house soon enough when you contact Cash4house. We are always ready to give you cash for your house regardless of the condition your house might be in. We would take care of all of the routine processes and you can move on anytime you want. Give us a call or fill the form below if you have decided to move on with your life.


cash for house

A Sale Sign is just one of the many things involved with selling a home. Selling a house takes time and you might need to spend on the house to put it in the perfect condition. There are also certain fees real estate agents will collect from you before helping you sell the house.

How can I sell my house without involving real estate agents?

The easiest way to sell your house off without involving real estate agents is by contacting Cash4House. Cash4House is a privately owned business with which you can navigate through the challenges of selling your house through real house agents.

The process is quick and doesn’t come with real estate agents commissions nor open inspections.

Sell your house now – for CASH!


Most times, bonds are required by some retirement facilities before you or your family member can move into the new accommodation even when your house has not been sold. The whole process of moving into the retirement home can become cumbersome if you do not get a buyer for your house on time.

You should feel free to contact the Cash4House team to help you create a suitable settlement that would put everything on track.

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